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Drew Holden uses CNN story on Saira Rao's white lady anti-gun march to illustrate how MSM cover for progs

Earlier this week, we told you about antiracist SJW (read: insanely racist SJW) Saira Rao’s latest crusade, this one against guns. After apparently realizing that she might have a use for white women after all, Rao sent a bunch of angry white ladies to the Colorado State Capitol to pressure Democratic Gov. Jared Polis to enact stricter gun control laws.


It’s a happy coincidence that we used CNN’s tweet in our earlier post, because it was how CNN covered the event that helped spur the Washington Free Beacon’s Drew Holden to take a closer look at how the MSM chose to write about Rao the Racist’s lily-white anti-gun protest.

CNN is literally just a glorified propaganda outlet at this point.


The one and only!

Amazing how that always happens. Like clockwork, almost!

Be sure to read Holden’s full Free Beacon piece for even more damning evidence implicating the mainstream media in a highly inappropriate relationship with progressives.


Saira Rao uses 2nd Amendment’s racist roots to prove ‘white supremacy is #1 killer of white kids’


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