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Stuart Stevens shames anti-woke 'damaged weirdos' after he's triggered by Casey DeSantis' jacket

If y’all didn’t see it, you should really check out Daily Beast executive editor Katie Baker’s truly unhinged rant about Casey DeSantis. Not because it’s well written or coherent or good, but because it gives some insight into the insanity from the media that Ron DeSantis and his campaign are up against.


Now, this offering from The Lincoln Project’s (and — snort — Resolute Square’s) Stuart Stevens isn’t quite on par with Baker’s lunacy, but it does have a certain understated stupidity that we just can’t help but want to spotlight:

Well, on one side, we’ve got Casey DeSantis wearing a jacket that bears one of her husband’s signature lines. And on the other side, we’ve got Stuart Stevens getting upset about it. So who’s the damaged weirdo working through personal issues in this scenario, Stuart? We’ll give you a hint: it’s not Casey DeSantis.

At some point, one would think that Stuart Stevens would get tired of embarrassing himself. Then again, he’s with The Lincoln Project, which embarrasses itself constantly in the most embarrassing ways.


Maybe what Stuart should be taking from the jacket is a sense of shame over what he has been reduced to. Casey DeSantis is sporting a jacket with a winning message, and Stuart hasn’t had a winning message since … um … we’ll have to get back to you on that.

Ron DeSantis’ message, the one on Casey DeSantis’ jacket, is actually quite straightforward. It shouldn’t be difficult for Stuart Stevens to understand. And yet …




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