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Ron DeSantis gives insight into how he feels about Trump's preferred lines of attack against him so far

Ron DeSantis is a very busy guy. Not only is he running for president, but he’s also fending off desperate and dumb attacks by our pathetic excuse for a mainstream media.


And he’s doing all that while getting pelted with insults ranging from lame to stupid to flat-out incomprehensible from former president and current presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Generally speaking, DeSantis has stayed above the fray, choosing instead to focus on the policies that have made his governorship such a success and applying those policies on a nationwide scale.

But now that DeSantis is officially running for president against Donald Trump, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for him to just ignore Trump’s weird tantrums and incoherent outbursts. And today, DeSantis didn’t hold back about how he really feels — without resorting to nastiness, of course:

By focusing on his own record while still calling out Trump’s immaturity, DeSantis is demonstrating that he can be rational and stay focused on the big picture, rather than losing it over petty BS, which is something that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden have a tendency to do.


For what it’s worth, it’s working for us. It’s much easier to respect a grownup than someone who acts like a chronically reactive schoolyard bully.

And we hope to see more like it. Why waste precious time and energy trying to scream and insult your opponent into submission when he’s in the middle of self-destructing on his own?



Donald Trump’s recent remarks about Ron DeSantis’ COVID leadership should sound really familiar


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