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Sunny Hostin explains that white women in racist, sexist US vote GOP cuz they can't think for themselves

“View” cohost Sunny Hostin doesn’t strike us as a particularly religious person, but, God bless her, she lives her life as though “Thou shalt be an ignorant, racist, race-baiting shrew” is the 11th Commandment.


On today’s edition of “Five Women Sit Around a Table Obsequiously Worshiping Liberals and Accusing Conservatives of Crimes Against Humanity,” Sunny sounded off on America’s profound racism, in which things like criticism of Kamala Harris are rooted because obviously:

Sunny Hostin calling anything “a little extra” is pretty hilarious.

So is this:

Sunny doesn’t even sound like she believes what she’s saying. But if anyone would believe what Sunny Hostin is saying, it’s Sunny Hostin.

And if anyone would have more racist drivel to throw into the conversation, it’s Sunny Hostin:


Amazing that Sunny just finished blaming misogyny in part for Kamala Harris’ general unpopularity and now is suggesting that white women who vote Republican only do so because they’re incapable of thinking for themselves. Zero self-awareness for this lady. Zero.

Hopefully at this point, white Republican women can at least decide for themselves that Sunny Hostin is a flaming racist sexist (or sexist racist, if you prefer). And all indications are that she plans to stay that way for the foreseeable future:

Stop making sense, Sara. Sunny can’t handle it when a drop of sanity accidentally makes its way onto “The View.” She doesn’t feel safe unless she’s in her protective bubble of racism and sexism and all-around bigoted BS.


And she gets paid a lot of money to be a racial grievance monger. No small feat in a misogynistic, racist country like this one!



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