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Dem Rep. Linda Sanchez's attempt to bust FBI whistleblower for January 6 tweet blows up in her face

Guys. You guys. This is amazing.

FBI whistleblowers are testifying today before the House Judiciary and Weaponization Committee, and House Dems are in rare (read: even more insane than usual) form.



Insufferable, yes. As always. But this time, some of them are also insufferable in a straight-up hilarious way. We’re talking about California (it had to be California) Democratic Rep. Linda Sanchez, who has already gifted us with a couple of glorious soundbytes today.

Let’s start with this one:

Ray. Erps.

And then — and then! — believe it or not, Linda found a way to top it. See, when it was Linda’s turn to question FBI whistleblower, Marcus Allen, she managed to not just blow it, but to basically self-immolate right there in her chair.


“You haven’t let me finish the question!” Maybe Marcus Allen was just trying to do Linda a favor and throw her a lifeline so she didn’t make a complete ass of herself. Of course Linda was already in way too deep to stop, bless her tiny little peabrain.


*Chef’s kiss*

It’s still early, but this might already be our favorite thing today.


Oh. Em. Gee.

It’s Linda Sanchez who should be fired. You know, just to make sure she doesn’t ever do something like this again.


Dem Rep brought on more ‘UNITY’ while GOP turned congressional baseball game into a midterm metaphor


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