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WaPo engages in perverse 'wagon circling' to villainize & demonize the Right over Covenant shooting

We’re not even sure how to preface this post, because we’re so completely and utterly consumed with seething rage right now.

The Washington Post’s coverage of the deadly shooting at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee, has left quite a lot to be desired. Namely honesty. Responsibility. Integrity. But if we didn’t know any better, we might think that WaPo is engaged in an all-out race to the absolute bottom of the barrel right now:


There are no polite words for this abject garbage:

Conservative commentators and Republican politicians unleashed a new wave of anti-trans rhetoric following Monday’s shooting at a Nashville Christian school that killed six people, escalating a broader backlash to the rising visibility of transgender people in public life.

In Nashville, the shooter’s gender identity and motive remain unclear: police initially said the shooter Audrey Hale was a 28-year-old woman, and then later said Hale was transgender, citing a social media profile in which Hale used masculine pronouns. The Post has not yet confirmed how Hale identified.

“The Post has not yet confirmed how Hale identified” = “The Post does not want to acknowledge that Hale identified as a trans man.”


Conservative commentator Matt Walsh, one of the most fervent anti-trans activists on the right, called the “gender ideology movement” the “most hateful and violent movement in America” on a Wednesday podcast episode entitled “Christian children murdered by trans mass shooter.” On Monday night he tweeted that “left wing trans extremists are violent, dangerous people.”


Extremism is by its very nature violent and dangerous. And Christian children were murdered by a trans mass shooter.

One more excerpt:

“You can’t use it to stigmatize and punish a whole community,” [Eric Madfis, an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of Washington at Tacoma, who has studied the gender dynamics of school shootings] said. “This is not a good-faith effort at trying to address school shootings and mass shootings. This is a cynical, bigoted attack.”

Oh hello, Eric. Welcome to every single time there’s a mass shooting and gun control proponents don’t even wait until the bodies are cold before blaming white Republicans despite the fact that the perpetrators quite often turn out to be left-wing extremists.



They don’t seem to care about the identity of any mass shooter who doesn’t fit their preconceived image of what a mass shooter should be, i.e. a white, cis, right-wing male.

This isn’t reporting by the Washington Post; this is pure, liberal-agenda-driven propaganda designed to stir up even more animosity toward Republicans and conservatives, masquerading as concern for the trans community. If WaPo were truly interested in accountability, they’d start demanding accountability from the people who deserve to be held accountable.

Not maybe; definitely. And without any hesitation whatsoever.

And if they can’t cover a mass shooting at a Christian school by a trans man without demonizing the Right in the process, they need to shut themselves down until they can figure out what the hell is going on over there.

Trust us: it’s what’s best for everyone.




Charlotte Clymer and Joy Reid’s Covenant shooting analysis may be ‘worst CONSERVATIVES POUNCE ever’


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