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David French takes a stab at defining 'woke' and leaves his conservative cred bleeding on the floor

Over the past several days, Twitter’s been a hotbed of debate about the meaning of “woke.” Or, rather, Twitter’s been a hotbed of lefties complaining that conservatives are always talking about wokeness but can’t actually define it.


You know what this particular discussion could really use right about now? A hot take from David French.

Well, ask, and ye shall receive. Get your hot French take right here:

Look, you guys. David French is accusing conservatives of bad faith! Thanks for the giggles, David. We knew we could count on you.

Well, to be fair, David French isn’t a straight shooter; he’s a straight bullsh*tter.

What’s especially stupid about French’s tweet is that there was a time in the not-so-distant past when French was able and willing to acknowledge the toxicity of leftist wokeness:


That was back before Donald Trump had completely broken his brain. What a sad trajectory his career has taken.

French is indeed a hypocrite, though he is consistently a fool. And an insanely transparent one, at that.

We see what you did there.

Or whatever the modern-day equivalent is. At least he’s really, really working for it.

He’s proud of himself, too. That’s maybe the ickiest part.


He’d have to be capable of feeling shame for that. He no longer has that capability.



David French explains that ‘there is nothing ‘conservative’ about denying the consequences of centuries of racist harm’

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