There’s quite a lot of chatter on liberal Twitter today about the word “woke” and how conservatives can’t seem to define it.

We can’t be totally sure, but it may have something to with conservative writer and “Stolen Youth” coauthor Bethany Mandel’s recent appearance on Hill TV’s “Rising” with Robby Soave and Briahna Joy Gray:

Mandel indeed stumbled a bit:

And she’s taken complete ownership of it:

Mandel has written a thread to give her own perspective on what happened:

A human with hardcore mommy brain. A human with hardcore mommy brain who has a new book out about what’s been done to children over the past several years and who had just listened to the cohost of the show she was a guest on talking smack about parents. It’s hard to blame her for briefly losing her verbal footing.

In any event, Mandel — unlike a lot of liberals who would be fuming in her position — is able to laugh at herself:

And she hasn’t lost a step in her commitment to fighting wokeness:

Mandel’s coauthor Karol Markowicz came to her defense (not that Mandel can’t defend herself):

And many others did, too:

Great point.

They can’t.

There are quite a few of them, of course:

Good Lord. Mandel have had a brain fart, but those people are just brainless.

And speaking of Chris Rufo, who often comes up in conversations about wokeness, he’s got something to say about defining wokeness:

Bethany Mandel will be just fine.

And wokeness will always be toxic.


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