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Be advised: Thinking 'Latinx' is stupid and/or pointless and/or insulting 'is a transphobic act'

Despite the fact that if you were to ask a random group of people who would fall under the “Latinx” umbrella what they think of the notion of “Latinx,” they’d tell you go f**k yourself, some woke idiots out there are still trying their damnedest to make “Latinx” happen. (By the way, I can’t help but hear “latinks” when I read that word, and I’d bet good money that I’m not the only one.)

One of those woke idiots is Sebastian Ferrada, a faculty member in ethnic studies at Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, California. The San Francisco Chronicle recently reprinted an opinion piece he’d written for Zócalo Public Square all about the merits of “Latinx” (though he does note that he personally prefers the term “Latine,” which is also really stupid).

Apparently, according to Ferrada, if you’ve got a problem with “Latinx,” you’re a transphobe. Or, at best, you’re excusing transphobia:

Ferrada writes:

Negating the term also contributes to an erasure of trans experiences that perpetuates violence and discrimination. Currently, the rights of transgender communities across all races and ages in the U.S. are under attack. Trans women already experience greater employment discrimination than any other demographic and are more likely to be victims of violent crimes.

The insistence on rejecting the use of Latinx is a transphobic act because it denies trans-Latine and Latinx people a term that represents them. When conservative leaders in our communities double down on that denial, it shows that they don’t see trans-Latines as part of the communities they represent. For instance, the president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Latino civil rights organization in the U.S., claims that we should drop the use of the word altogether since so few people like it.

Untangling fluid social constructs like language and gender can be challenging. But perhaps the point is not to untangle. Linguistic expressions hold many possibilities in how people affirm themselves, their communities and how they can imagine other ways of identifying, loving and being in the world. That’s where I see the power and hope in these language practices — the power in recognizing someone else’s beauty and humanity. Whether the terms Latinx and Latine become widely adopted or not, they resist the urge to fall in line with the collective “o” in Latino and enforce the idea that trans people do, in fact, exist in our communities. The move to gender-inclusive language is a reminder and a call to action for all of us to actively engage with and recognize their experiences, struggles and joy.

No, the move to “gender-inclusive language” is a reminder that wokeism is a destructive force in society and a call to action for all of us to regard and treat it as such. But not before pointing and laughing, of course.

What a perfectx response.



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