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Where's NBC News' apology to Miguel Almaguer for suspending him over report on Paul Pelosi attack?

As we told you, the police bodycam footage of the attack on Paul Pelosi has been released, and it’s pretty nuts. Not to mention scary to watch.

And now, in addition to some of the questions they had before the video was available to the public, people have quite a few new questions. Like, was there no functional security system or any other kind of deterrent in place to keep intruders out? Why did Pelosi seem so calm during the 9-1-1 call and then when the police showed up at his house?


Maybe Pelosi seemed calm because he didn’t want to rattle DePape, who was pretty clearly unbalanced at best. Maybe that’s why Pelosi didn’t put his drink down, either.

As was the case before the video came out, most of what we can do now is just speculate about exactly what went down.

But there’s another question that the video raises and doesn’t even come remotely close to answering, and this one actually isn’t about what happened to Paul Pelosi. No, this question is about what happened to NBC News reporter Miguel Almaguer, who was suspended by the network after detailing — accurately, as it turned out — the scene that greeted police when they first showed up at the Pelosis’ home.

Here was Almaguer’s on-air report, which NBC News subsequently scrubbed from their site as if it had never existed:

So the question we still have is: why did NBC News punish Miguel Almaguer?


It appears to confirm it, Jim.

Almaguer did actual journalism and got suspended for it. What was motivating NBC News’ decision? It can’t have been keeping the public informed. And in light of the footage that we’ve seen today, it’s entirely understandable why so many people out there were wondering if NBC News was trying to shield the Pelosis from potential embarrassment back when Almaguer got suspended. Maybe that’s exactly what NBC News was doing.

Inquiring minds want to know. At the very least, Miguel Almaguer deserves an answer. And an apology.


Knowing NBC News, we won’t hold our breath.



Circumstances are a bit mysterious surrounding NBC News suspending reporter over Paul Pelosi story


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