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Hot take: Flyers should've benched 'ignorant, obnoxious, and homophobic' Provorov over pride jersey

Remember Colin Kaepernick? His football career ultimately never really went anywhere, but that was all right, because he found his true calling as a social justice warrior. He took a knee and wore those police pig socks and everything.


Well, after last night, we now know that fashion choices can only be stunning and brave if they support a particular agenda. Because Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov’s choice to abstain from wearing a particular article of clothing: a warmup jersey showcasing support for LGBTQ+ pride.

How dare he?!

“His belief system.” Aka his religious faith that conflicts with LGBTQ+ activism but doesn’t actually hurt anybody.


That’s how it works.

But as we discussed in our post about Provorov earlier, there are a number of journalists out there who don’t seem to understand that that’s how it works.

There are also plenty of other weirdos who seem to be deliberately trying not to get it. One of them is Rachael Milanta, who, according to her Twitter bio, is not only a writer for BetMGM but is also a lawyer and comedy writer who “may or may not be notable.” We’d never heard of her until just now, so we’re going to assume that she wasn’t notable up to this point. But now hopefully a lot more people will know that she exists, thanks to her hot take on Provorov’s refusal to wear the ribbon jersey:

So, not only is Provorov an ignorant, obnoxious, homophobic bigot because he didn’t don a pride warmup jersey, but the Flyers should’ve benched him. You know, to teach him a lesson.


Of course, it would never occur to Rachael that she is the actual bigot in this scenario:

If Rachael wants to take issue with a religion, she should start with her own wokeism.

Maybe Rachael doesn’t actually want a tolerant society. The only society she and those like her will tolerate is one that will crush insufficiently woke thought criminals.



Apparently Rachael has an intellectual friend in Canadian NHL commentator Gord Miller:


Gord should’ve stopped at 1. Once he got to 2, he’d gone too far.

Easy: there shouldn’t be.

You’re Canadian, Gord. You don’t get to tell us how to America.


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