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One of the many progs we've been told aren't coming for gas stoves is coming for gas stoves

Sorry, guys. But we’re not ready to stop talking about this whole gas stove thing. Not when the do-gooders on the Left insist on trying to play mind games with us.


After the CPSC’s Richard Trumka Jr. said that a gas stove ban would not be off the table, we heard from a lot of liberals about how banning gas stoves would be a good thing that we should do. After the CPSC chair came out a couple of days later with a statement saying that, no, the CPSC would not be making any recommendations for a ban on gas stoves, we heard from a lot of liberals about how our fears of the government coming for our gas stoves were unfounded. In short, the libs want to have their cakes and eat them, too, and well, quite frankly, it’s really getting on our nerves.

And if you’ve been attempting to keep track during the constant whiplash, here’s another one for the “banning gas stoves is a good idea” pile. In fact, this one has the added bonus of already being off to the races:

That’s Manhattan Borough President Mark D. Levine, and he couldn’t be happier to help ensure that more and more New Yorkers be saddled with inferior stoves. Because who needs even cooking, right?


A “historic victory.” Well, that’s certainly one way to put it. Personally, we’d go with something a little more along the lines of “legislation that makes no logical sense whatsoever and won’t do a damn thing to fight climate change but will definitely screw over a whole bunch of New Yorkers.”

It would appear that Mark here believes in the electricity fairy.

Jean. Yuss.


Well, on the plus side, fragility gives the city government another argument to take even more control over people’s lives.

Which is exactly what they — and progressives — are ultimately after.



WaPo reports it’s Republicans who have ‘thrust gas stoves… into the culture wars’

Axios’ spin on heated response to prospect of gas stove ban ‘is actual, literal gaslighting’


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