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Stephanie Ruhle didn't let new info about Club Q shooter disrupt her narrative about 'the far Right'

Yesterday, we learned that, at least according to his lawyers, the Club Q shooting suspect identifies as nonbinary and prefers they/them pronouns.

This of course threw a colossal wrench into the gears of the prevailing mainstream media narrative that the shooter was a right-wing nutjob who was essentially carrying out orders from people like Tucker Carlson and Libs of Tik Tok when he — sorry, they — shot up an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs. NBC News “dystopia beat” senior reporter Ben Collins, for one, wasn’t quite sure what to do with the information.


How awkward for Ben.

For what it’s worth though, Ben’s colleague, MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle, didn’t let the wrench stop her narrative gears from turning.

Watch her neverthelessly persisting despite the revelations about the shooter, as if she doesn’t even care:

Peep that chyron near the end of the clip: “FAR-RIGHT FIGURES SHARPEN ATTACKS ON LGBTQ PEOPLE.” No evidence for that, either, but as Stephanie Ruhle and MSNBC as a whole have so thoroughly demonstrated, facts don’t matter.


They hope that if they say it enough times, it’ll be true. Or at least that the rest of us are too gullible to ask questions.



Watch Alisyn Camerota’s brain break as she reports that CO shooter is ‘non-binary’


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