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NBC News deputy tech editor still blames 'right-wing media' even as Club Q narrative collapses

Monday night and Tuesday morning, NBC News “dystopia beat” senior reporter Ben Collins used the recent deadly shooting at Colorado Springs LGBTQ club Club Q to climb up onto a soapbox and expound upon the threat posed by Republicans and conservatives to the lives of LGBTQ people in America. And then on Tuesday night, following the shooting suspect’s attorneys’ revelations that the suspect identifies as nonbinary and prefers they/them pronouns, Collins quickly shifted gears and attempted to paint the suspect as a victim of a difficult upbringing and — of course — right-wing bullying.


It was positively whiplash-inducing.

It was also entirely predictable. And apparently extremely on-brand for NBC News. Check out how NBC News deputy tech editor Benjamin Goggin responded to someone pointing out that the Club Q shooter is allegedly nonbinary:

Even if the shooter’s motives can’t actually be tied in any way to the right-wing media, it’s still the right-wing media’s fault!

Is that a take, or is that a take?


Listable AF.

You can actually picture the change in Goggin’s countenance and hear the deflation of his ego at the moment his preferred narrative fell apart. You know it just absolutely crushed him.

To be fair, what would NBC News know about shame?

Hey, speaking of stoking hatred …


One of these days, Benjamin Goggin et al. are gonna get someone killed.



Stephanie Ruhle didn’t let new info about Club Q shooter disrupt her narrative about ‘the far Right’


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