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Ben Collins' take on Club Q shooting is perverse display of 'exploitative, soulless narcissism'

In case you missed it, yesterday, NBC News “dystopia beat” “senior reporter” Ben Collins went on TV to discuss the importance of all-ages drag shows in raising children.


Collins got some pushback for that, but for what it’s worth, he took it like a champ. Like a hero, even:

We’re not sure who out there would disagree with the idea that “people should be able to live their lives without fear of being murdered” (that’s a pretty popular pro-life refrain, actually), but, well, if Ben says they’re out there, who are we to question his credibility?

Ben is still stewing in his self-righteous indignation this morning, as evidenced by his appearance earlier today on MSNBC, where he talked about how the deadly Club Q shooting signifies “an inflection point in this country right now, specifically for reporters”:


Well, it definitely ain’t the second thing, either. Because waking up to the news of more dead people is what fuels journalists like Ben Collins. It’s what gives them a reason to get up in the morning. It’s what pays the bills and lets them eat out at fancy restaurants.

“Reporter.” Ben keeps using that word. We do not think it means what he thinks it means.

“Activist” is definitely a more fitting term for what Ben is.


We do agree that Ben Collins needs to have a “come-to-Jesus” moment, because the wiring in his conscience is clearly faulty.

Should we go on? OK, we’ve got at least one more thing to add to the list: desperately seeking a way to make himself a victim of the shooting.

It takes a truly sick person to see a tragedy like the Club Q shooting and come up with a takeaway like Ben’s.

A particularly shameless and awful one.


Collins is, in essence, a bully. And an instigator.

The struggle to stop attacking Ben Collins for this is real. So just stop fighting the urge and embrace it, because Ben thoroughly deserves it.

All in a day’s work for Ben.

Seriously, this is what he lives for.

And we do mean grandstand. Because what is this, if it’s not grandstanding?


“I don’t care.” Have you ever seen such stunning bravery in all your life?

Ben clings to that clown nose as hard as one can cling to anything. It’s like a life preserver for him.

And there are people who love him for it:

Hope it makes Ben’s supporters feel good, to know that they’re inflating a flaming narcissist’s ego. They’ll bravely go to war against straw men if it means they don’t have to look within themselves and recognize their own intellectual dishonesty. They could all use some come-to-Jesus moments of their own.


And Ben will always choose the easy path, the truth — and his integrity — be damned.



NBC News’ Ben Collins not a bit triggered by middle school’s pride display


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