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NYT further cements 'enemy of the people' status with recent article on Paul Pelosi attack

Earlier, we told you about Jennifer Rubin’s ridiculous takeaway from the recent violent attack on Paul Pelosi by a man who broke into the Pelosis’ San Francisco home. Here it is again, for your reading pleasure/annoyance:


It’s exactly the sort of take we’ve come to expect from her, given that Trump Derangement Syndrome caused her to mutate from a relatively reasonable conservative-type person into … whatever the hell she is now. She doesn’t care to wait for all the facts before spouting off.

At least Rubin maybe kinda-sorta-but-not-really had the excuse of sending out her tweet before the San Francisco Chronicle sent theirs. But we can’t say the same for the New York Times. There’s absolutely no excuse for this:


The article was published last night, but the tweet went out this morning.

And it took not one, not two, but three “journalists” to assemble this crap sandwich of an article.

They’re really doing this:

The attack on Ms. Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, on Friday, which left him with a fractured skull and appeared to be part of a planned attack on the speaker herself, came after a yearslong campaign by Republicans to demonize and dehumanize Ms. Pelosi in increasingly ugly ways.

For the better part of two decades, Republicans have targeted Ms. Pelosi, the most powerful woman in American politics, as the most sinister Democratic villain of all, making her the evil star of their advertisements and fund-raising appeals in hopes of animating their core supporters. The language and images have helped to fuel the flames of anger at Ms. Pelosi on the right, fanned increasingly in recent years by a toxic stew of conspiracy theories and misinformation that has thrived on the internet and social media, with little pushback from elected Republicans.

Ms. Pelosi is now one of the most threatened members of Congress in the country.

After the grisly assault on Mr. Pelosi, 82, many Republican lawmakers and leaders denounced the violence, but hardly any spoke out against the brutal political discourse that has given rise to an unprecedented wave of threats against elected officials. Most instead tried to link the incident to rising crime rates across the country that the party has made a centerpiece of its campaign message ahead of the midterm elections that are just days away.


They’re really going to blame the Republican Party and GOP ads painting Nancy Pelosi in a negative light for the actions of one man who has apparently been completely off his rocker for some time now. Ads about Mitt Romney murdering a woman by giving her cancer or about Paul Ryan pushing grandma off a clip are totally fine, but ads calling Nancy Pelosi out as an elitist hypocrite? Incitement to right-wing violence. And then — and then! — they’re going to shame the Republican Party for denouncing the violence against Paul Pelosi but not taking responsibility for a crazy man’s actions.

God forbid.

We’d like to think that the New York Times would know better than to something like this, but we’d be deluding ourselves. They’re nothing but an outlet for partisan garbage. This is genuinely shameful and downright disgusting.



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