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Jonathan Chait uses David Reaboi calling him 'goblinesque' as evidence that the GOP is quickly heading toward 'semi-fascism'

Another day, another Jonathan Chait column about how conservatives are not-so-secret fascists:

I’m not sure Jonathan Chait is really the guy to explain what the world looks like from Republicans’ or conservatives’ or National Conservatives’ perspective, seeing as he tends to project his and liberalism’s own inadequacies and flaws onto the Right. But whatever. That’s not what I’m here to talk about right now.

No, I’m here to talk about the part of Chait’s piece in which he recounts an encounter with Claremont Institute Fellow David Reaboi. According to Chait, he, himself, is a victim of the Right’s semi-fascism, because Reaboi referred to him as “goblinesque”:

Although Chait doesn’t explicitly say it, I feel like he’s suggesting that comparing him to a goblin is antisemitic. Now, I’m something of a Jew, myself, and I’ve gotta tell you I’m just not seeing it. And not just because Reaboi is Jewish.

Let me just say this: I personally am not a huge fan of going after people’s looks. I prefer to impugn someone’s character by focusing on, well, their character. That said, though, the fact that Chait devoted multiple sentences, let alone paragraphs, to use Reaboi and Hanson’s mockery as evidence of “semi-fascism” is just really sad.

What Seth said.

OK, well, I know for a fact that Seth Mandel reads. I also read. A lot of people read. And everyone who reads Chait’s piece should come to the same conclusion as Mandel: Chait is definitely overreacting. And deflecting. And projecting. All of those things.

Like, come on, Jonathan. Have you ever met you?

We’ll keep an eye out for it.




Jonathan Chait has got some [fake] news for anyone who doesn’t think Ilhan Omar had to answer for her antisemitism


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