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NY Mag piece exploring 'the vulnerability of John Fetterman' reads like it was written by someone who, like Fetterman, is cognitively impaired

If recent polls are anything to go by, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate hopeful John Fetterman may not have his race against Dr. Mehmet Oz as far in the bag as he’s been led to believe. To be fair, given the cognitive issues that Fetterman has been experiencing since suffering a stroke earlier this year, he’s probably been led to believe a lot of things that aren’t true. Oh well.


We’re only a few weeks away from the midterm elections, and what the guy could really use right now is an extra little boost from the liberal media. Thank goodness for New York Magazine, who’s got just what the doctor ordered:

We’d post an excerpt from the article, but there’s far too much gold in them thar pages. So hopefully New York Magazine’s extensive Twitter thread will give you all the highlights of Rebecca Traister’s masterpiece:


Hilarious. Seriously, we’re gasping for air right now.

Narrator: His mental condition, however, was not improving.


But his vulnerability is cognitive. That’s … not a strength.



If only that were the worst aspect of this article. Alas, the whole article is the worst aspect of the this article.


You’re a kinder person than we are, Mark. Because we don’t get Fetterman’s appeal at all. Not even a little bit.

“Good grief” is right.


The piece is so incoherently awful, it might as well have been written by John Fetterman himself.


If that’s not white privilege, we don’t know what is. And speaking of privilege:

John Fetterman, much like New York Magazine itself, reeks of privilege.


Nothing real about this fake New York Magazine cover, but that doesn’t make it any less accurate:


Shoulda gone with that one, New York Magazine.

Maybe next time.




AP actually does their job for once and researches John Fetterman’s record, and libs aren’t happy about it


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