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Insult, meet injury: Joe Biden is hosting a celebration of the Inflation Reduction Act at the WH today

As we told you, Joe Biden has issued an official statement explaining that the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad inflation numbers are actually pretty great if you stop and think about it. So shut up and stop whining and just get down on your knees and thank the Lord that Joe Biden and the Democrats are running the show, OK?


This administration is definitely spiking the football in victory today, despite the fact that there’s no glimpse of good news whatsoever.

You know it, baby. Now put on those party hats, pour that Champagne, and let’s get to celebratin’!

You think Charlie’s joking, don’t you? Well, he’s not:


Today. Today, of all days. And don’t doubt for a second that you, the taxpayers, are gonna be picking up the tab for this party, too. Just like you’re picking up the tab for everything else Biden and the Democrats have decided to spend your money on. And with real wages down, too, this’ll take an even bigger bite out of your savings than it would have a year ago.

Talk about adding insult to injury.

Are you tired of winning yet?

They’re really leaning into the tone-deafness.


Weird, right?

Maybe those will be the party favors.

It’s bad enough that they think we’re stupid. But to host a party to slap us all in our faces on top of that … that’s just the cherry on top of this s**t sundae.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



WATCH: Dick Durbin says people need to stop ‘trying to rewrite history’ by blaming Dem economic policies for horrendous new inflation data


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