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NYT evidently hopes readers are too dense to pick up on their dishonest framing of what school closures and lockdowns did to kids

As we told you earlier, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten fired up her trusty gaslight in a truly shameless effort to convince the American public that she’s ackshually been fighting for what’s best for our kids this whole time.


That’s what we in the biz like to call chutzpah.

Notably, the piece she linked to to toot her own horn was this one from the New York Times:

Notice anything interesting about the tweet? Or the headline?

“The pandemic.”

Come on, New York Times. Surely you know better.


Or, New York Times, maybe you guys are just trying to CYA.

No matter how badly they want us to forget.


Accountability does matter.

So why won’t the New York Times hold the accountable parties accountable?

Apparently we’re supposed to believe that schools are sentient beings afraid of catching COVID.

We feel like we’ve been saying this a lot lately — a lot today alone — but they really think we’re stupid.


Great job.


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