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David Axelrod has a very simple explanation as to why it's bad for GOPers to question election results but it's OK when Dems do it

President Joe Biden is gearing up to preach to the country about the importance of unity. And by “unity,” he means, of course, “uniting Democrats against Republicans, who are basically domestic terrorists.”


And for David Axelrod, this speech couldn’t be coming at a better time:

Republicans questioning the results of the 2020 election are a threat to democracy? What about Democrats who questioned — and still question to this day — the results of the 2016 election? Are they a threat to democracy, too?

Allow Mr. Axelrod to explain the difference:

“That’s different.” Look, it just is, OK?



It’s (D)ifferent for Democrats. So shut up.

They really expect us to just be satisfied with that. They really think we’re that stupid.


Why, David Axelrod? You’re gonna have to do a hell of a lot better than “that’s different.” We know you think it’s different, but why? Just come right out and tell us why.

We already know why, of course, but we wanna hear David Axelrod say it.


They reached that point a while ago. They’re just not trying nearly as hard as before to hide it from us.



‘Excuse for losing activated’: David Axelrod floats reason Rep. Liz Cheney’s ‘not able to campaign for re-election’


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