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Tom Nichols celebrates himself — and some very heroic friends — for coming to terms with what it means to be 'conservative' these days

In case you missed it, Tom Nichols wrote yet another self-righteous newsletter for The Atlantic about the GOP no longer being a party for principled people like Tom Nichols:


He never runs out of ways to say the same damn thing. How does he do it?

Well, we have no doubt that not actually being conservative helps. And Donald Trump helps, of course. As long as Donald Trump is present either physically or in Tom’s mind, Tom will never run out of material.

Anyway, back to the substance of Nichols’ newsletter. Tom Nichols hopes that readers will recognize that he possesses the necessary amount of bravery required to do the kind of introspection that Tom Nichols is doing. And some readers are indeed impressed:


But Tom’s introspection doesn’t come at a high personal cost to him so much as it pays off handsomely. He found far more success as a Principled Conservative™ ex-GOP #NeverTrump grifter than he ever did when he endorsed actual conservative stuff.

That Nichols’ thread is a long one, so we’ll just give you the TL;DR version: Conservatism isn’t perfect, but it’s the best option out there and is ultimately the best way forward.

Now, he can’t even bear to really call himself “conservative” anymore. He hasn’t been conservative in years, to be sure, but he’s apparently realized that he’s been successful enough into making liberals believe he’s principled that he doesn’t really even need to pretend anymore.


And let’s be clear: he’s pretty much ditching the pretense at this point.

And that right there is Tom Nichols pounding yet another nail into his — and the Resistance’s — coffin.


Evergreen exit question:

Don’t expect an Atlantic write-up on that from him anytime soon.



Area Expert™ Tom Nichols shames Fox News and Jerry Dunleavy for caring about dead migrants, gets spectacularly hoisted with his own petard

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