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Science: Left-wing German political parties have apparently decided that the key to clean energy is dirty, messy energy

You ever get the feeling that a lot of climate change activists don’t actually care all that much about the environment?

We really got a sense of that the other day when a group of climate change activists blocked Beltway traffic (apparently a bunch cars idling on the highway isn’t bad for the earth as long as they’re idling because of climate change activists).

We’re also getting a sense of that from what’s currently happening in Germany. Here’s the scoop from environmental writer Mark Lynas:

So, if we’re understanding this correctly, climate activists are so against the idea of nuclear energy that they’re willing to resort to burning coal?

Nope. German energy policy may be a joke, but this is really a thing that’s happening.

That’s certainly one word for it.

That’s another.

And another still!

There are, in fact, many words for this. And they all have negative connotations. Because this doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Is nuclear energy too clean for climate activists?

Yeah, well … in Germany they like to do things a little differently.

That looks just about right.

They really are.

“Climate Activists for Coal” is not something we had on our bingo card. For Germany’s sake, we hope they ultimately don’t get their way (though we’re not terribly optimistic).

Let’s hope so. In the meantime:


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