Let’s all take a moment to thank our stunning and brave climate activists for taking to the streets to protest climate change, which is definitely a problem that can be solved by blocking traffic.

Thanks to their efforts, a parolee trying to get to his job on time or risk being sent back to jail was forced to pause and consider the lasting potential damage of not declaring a Climate Emergency right now:

No intellectually honest person can blame the parolee for being furious in that situation. We’re right there with him.

Of course they say no. Because of course they do.

It’s almost as if these climate activists are more interested in disrupting as many people’s lives as possible than they are in actually combating climate change.

Because that’s exactly how it is. They literally could not care less who they have to screw over in order to make a statement:



Police arrested the parolee. Not the climate activists who were literally blocking traffic and potentially endangering countless lives in the process. What if an ambulance needed to get through? What then? Would police have arrested the paramedics, too?

Well, good on that protester, at least. Maybe the police should’ve talked to him before arresting the parolee, huh?

No it does not.

But this whole ordeal does shine a light on the nature of so much of so-called “climate activism” — and on the troubling trend of law enforcement getting their priorities completely backward.