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Elena Kagan's dissenting opinion in SCOTUS' EPA decision suggests Congress is full of idiots who should let unelected bureaucrats run things

If you’re like us, you’re pretty pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision ruling that the EPA doesn’t have the authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions and set climate policy because Congress never gave it that authority.


It was the right call, and on top of that, it’s also brought a good amount of schadenfreude value. We’re not gonna lie: we’re really enjoying watching the Left throw yet another tantrum, this time because SCOTUS is basically telling Congress to quit whining and do their damn job for a change.

But that’s not the only cause for our laughter. Have you had a chance to look at Justice Elena Kagan’s dissent? Because it’s pretty hilarious in its own right:

“Members of Congress are too stupid to understand how stuff works, which is why we have to leave it to unelected bureaucrats to do Congress’ job for them.” It’s just so … delicious. Total *chef’s kiss* material.


We have to assume that she didn’t intentionally impugn Congress intelligence and competence, but we’re still glad she did it. Because Congress definitely needs to be taken down a peg or 500.


On a more serious note, though, Kagan’s logic is not just flawed, but it’s actually kind of dangerous. Because she’s literally suggesting that we should just turn policy decisions and enforcement over to unelected bodies of bureaucrats and be cool with that.

We are, in fact, not cool with that.


Yikes. Like, genuine yikes.

The Tom Nichols kind of expertise.

They don’t. They don’t know anything.

The moral of the story:

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