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Tom Elliott's latest supercut offers compelling, riveting, stunning, historic look at MSM's coverage of January 6 hearings [video]

We were expecting big things from the January 6 committee hearings, weren’t you? After all, the January 6 riots brought the country this close to an end to democracy as we knew it. And that’s not an exaggeration, like, at all.


But then we tried tuning into the actual proceedings, and we started to wish we were part of the group of millions and millions of Americans who just didn’t even bother, because these hearings turned out to be an ongoing farce full of political grandstanding and secondhand embarrassment. How could we have been so wrong about this? After all, the way media firefighters were hyping the January 6 committee hearings, one would think that we were about to witness something of epic, historic proportions.

Just look at Tom Elliott’s supercut for a small taste of how excited and breathless the media were to break it all down for the masses:

It’s cool that even rival news networks are willing to share their scripts with each other. Generosity is a cornerstone of the American identity, after all!

Well, when it’s “worse than Watergate,” only the same words will do.

Well, they all have the same narrative, so yes.


They’re not. Which is why they pull this sort of thing constantly.

Alexa, why is the public’s trust in the media at an all-time, historic low of compelling and stomach-turning proportions?



Tom Elliott shines a valuable spotlight on the ‘dangerous demagogues’ who have been pushing ‘Great Replacement Theory’ so hard

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