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Paul Krugman's week-old observation about the course of inflation has aged like the finest of fine milk

Hey, did you guys catch those white-hot inflation numbers? Just when you thought they couldn’t trend more steeply upward … BOOM!



At least as far as Paul Krugman is concerned. Just a week ago, he predicted smooth sailing on the economic sea as inflation eased and leveled off:

“Drifting downward.” Paul must’ve been standing on his head when he wrote that.

Well, Paul Krugman didn’t think the economy was overheated at all, so a week ago, he was actually, like, negative concerned about it.

This is why he gets paid the big bucks, y’all.

They don’t just give Nobel Prizes in economics to just anyone these days, you know.

Well, Twitchy, for one, would be a lot less busy if we didn’t have to fact-check them about, well, everything.


The limit does not exist.



Echo chamber, activated! Multiple White House staffers are sharing this Paul Krugman op-ed arguing ‘2021 was pretty amazing’

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