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Iowahawk has put together a handy thread on economics 'in the interest of making this place just a weeee bit less f*cking stupid'

“Inflation” is the Word of the Day today (though some would have you believe it’s “January 6”). And it’s no wonder. The new numbers are out and they’re terrible, horrible, no-good, and very bad.


But when it comes to actually understanding what’s happening economically, a lot of people may be struggling to make sense of the nitty-gritty. Particularly if they’re turning to Twitter for explanations.

That’s where Iowahawk comes in. As karma’s janitor, he’s used to having to wade through a lot of crap. So who better to cut through all the crap that’s out there today and get down to business?

“He’s entirely correct” is pretty much evergreen when it comes to Iowahawk. And yes, this is no exception.

Please to enjoy (and share, because it’s just that good):

Dave’s Taco Stand dishes up the best perspective.


With him so far?

A filthy profit hoarding taco baron’s work is never done!


That’s a great deal.



He really has thought of everything. Like, everything:

Hell yeah.

P’shaw. Twitter standards may be subterranean, but that doesn’t change the fact that David Burge is a genius.

True story.

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