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Joy Reid: 'Only in America' do you have to worry about meeting 'an angry alienated American man with an AR-15' when you leave the house [video]

We’re big proponents of free speech around here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still wonder how the hell it is that someone like Joy Reid still has a major media platform when she contributes nothing to the public discourse but steaming-hot garbage like this:


This is Alan-Grayson-level fearmongering, folks. “Republicans want you to die.”

In a sense, you’re “literally rolling the dice every time you leave your house or drop off your kids at school” because there’s a chance you could be hit by a drunk driver or trip and fall and knock yourself unconscious and bleed to death. Most people who are killed after leaving their house or dropping their kids off at school aren’t killed by an angry alienated (and presumably white, because this is Joy Reid talking here) American man with an AR-15.


Joy Reid is a textbook fear pornographer.

Not if she can’t blame it on Republicans.

Anyway, Joy’s unhinged little screed is teeming with disinformation, but she’ll face no consequences whatsoever. The only thing MSNBC will do to her is let her do it over and over again.




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