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Heads up: Blue-checked anti-nuke crusader (he/him) announces that he'll personally be 'coming for your guns'

Earlier this week, self-described “Writer, Lover of Mountains, Green Bay Packers fan, Cal Bear, ex-Republican” Rich Campbell declared on Twitter that “It’s time to come for their guns.”

So whom should we be looking out for? Anyone in particular? We just want to be prepared.

Ah, looks like we can expect this fellow Derek Johnson to show up at our doors any day now:

Derek Johnson (he/him, in case you were wondering) is the managing partner at Global Zero, “the international movement for the elimination of all nuclear weapons.” So apparently he’s coming for your nukes and your guns.

With some friends carrying some really, really big duffel bags, maybe?

Maybe this guy:

That team’s really shaping up.

Derek seems to be under the impression that confiscation of legally owned guns will be a walk in the park.

Well, yeah. Obviously Derek and his pals would have to be unarmed. Otherwise they would indeed be hypocrites.

Ooo, we sincerely hope so.

We’d like to see him try, though.

Please, please try, Derek. We’re begging you.


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