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NPR does their part to stop gun violence by peddling blatant disinformation about AR-15s

The bodies weren’t even cold after the Uvalde shooting when ghoulish gun control advocates re-upped their calls for banning AR-15s. After a week, the calls have only grown louder.


And, naturally, NPR’s getting in on it:

More from NPR:

The AR-15, which is the weapon used by the gunman at Robb Elementary, is designed to blow targets apart. It’s a weapon built for war. And when fired into a human adult body, its bullets travel with such fierce velocity that they can decapitate a person, or leave a body looking “like a grenade went off in there,” as Peter Rhee, a trauma surgeon at the University of Arizona, told Wired. The carnage the weapon leaves behind has become a signature of school shootings and other mass shootings across the country.

Unfortunately, [Uvalde Justice of the Peace Eulalio “Lalo” Diaz, Jr.] has now seen first-hand what such a weapon can do to children with small bones and limbs, which made the process of identifying them even more agonizing.

We have no doubt that Diaz was traumatized by what he saw. But we’d definitely like to see NPR show their work on their assertions about what an AR-15 can do.


But NPR doesn’t need any facts. They just need … Gawker (via The Intercept):

In the early ’60s, the Defense Documentation Center for Scientific and Technical Research (now the Defense Technical Information Center) released a 55-page study on the AR-15’s suitability for the South Vietnamese army. “The AR-15 Armalite rifle has been subjected to a comprehensive field evaluation under combat conditions in Vietnam,” the report began. It went on: “because of the controversy which has surrounded this weapon, particular care was exercised to insure that the tests were objective, thorough and adequately documented, and to insure that valid data and conclusions were derived therefrom.”

The results, culled from evaluations by American “advisors” and South Vietnamese already deployed against the Viet Cong, were crystalline: “The lethality of the AR-IS and its reliability record were particularly impressive.”

The report describes, with grisly detail, how the AR-15, chambered with the same .223 ammunition that it uses today, not only killed VC soldiers but decapitated and dismembered them.

The detail is definitely grisly, we’ll give them that. What we can’t necessarily accept is that the detail is accurate.


Sorry, NPR, but … what, would ya say, ya do here?

That sure is what it sounds like they’re doing.

Whole lotta disinformation about guns out there.

True story.

Can’t wait to see what’s still in the hopper.



WaPo senior editor reminds us that the AR-15 was ‘invented for Nazi infantrymen’ in the late 1950s


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