The Uvalde shooting was carried out by with an “assault rifle.” Mass shootings are always committed by with “assault rifles.”

So, when Democrats talk about gun control, they’re talking about coming after the “assault rifles.” The big, scary-looking guns.

But maybe it’s not “doing something” enough to focus on the big guns. Maybe they’ve got to focus on the smaller ones, too. Because, according to Sheriff Joe Biden, “there’s simply no rational basis for [a 9mm handgun] in terms of self-protection, hunting”:

OK, so first of all:

A bullet that can blow an entire lung clean out of someone’s body? Not gonna lie, that’s actually pretty badass.

True story.

But let’s dissect the rest of what Biden just said there:


OK, so upon further review … Joe Biden appears to have 9mm handguns in his crosshairs. He also appears to be woefully misinformed.

That certainly seems to be what Joe is trying to get at …

An extremely popular type of handgun.

Joe Biden just told a whole bunch of Americans that there’s “simply no rational basis” for their preferred method of self-defense.

And he defended that position by adding his own special brand of historical context:

Let’s be clear: Joe Biden is not in any position to determine what’s rational.

Of course he said the thing.

Poor Joe Biden seems to think that just because he’s 250 years old, he understands the Bill of Rights better than the Framers did.

You could buy ten, even.

Quick! To the archives!

No matter how many times it’s been debunked, Joe Biden will find a way to rebunk it.

Yes. Yes it is.

Where’s that Disinformation Governance Board when you need ’em?

So what you’re saying is that you’ll never find the pro-gun-control arguments persuasive, at least as long as Joe Biden is running the White House.

And the White House will never have to worry about too competent, at least as long as Joe Biden is running the White House.

Wait for it.

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