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Julia Ioffe tries to back pro-life gun rights advocates into a moral corner after Uvalde massacre and trips over her own depravity

Is journalist Julia Ioffe capable of not being a horrible person? Based on what we’ve seen, the answer is no. And we’ve definitely amassed quite a lot of evidence supporting our contention.


The latest piece in our collection is Julia’s rebuttal to gun rights advocates mourning the tragic, coldblooded mass murder of innocent children and teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. Julia seems to think she’s stumbled upon the ultimate moral “gotcha” here:

Come again?

Yes, she actually thought of that tweet, typed it out, and shared it with the world.

Well, Julia?

Is she trying to argue that pro-life gun rights advocates would be cool with using AR-15s to murder unborn children, or … ?


Unless she thinks it’s a self-own, in which case she’s nailed it.

She’s so close … she just doesn’t realize it.

Welcome, Julia.



Like what Dana Bash did? Yeah, it’s definitely very similar to that.



Julia Ioffe promotes garbage, hole-ridden ADL ‘report’ suggesting that ‘extremist-related murders’ are overwhelmingly committed by right-wingers

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