On yesterday’s edition of CNN’s “State of the Union,” Dana Bash welcomed Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson for a discussion on what stricter anti-abortion laws in Arkansas would mean for the state, particularly for the state’s most vulnerable children who have had the misfortune of being born:

Won’t someone please think of the children who aren’t being aborted by their poor parents?

That’s some Margaret Sanger-esque garbage right there. We’re honestly a little shocked that Dana Bash didn’t liken poor kids to weeds or something.

Pro-aborts like Dana Bash are literally trying to Make Eugenics Great Again.

Even ardent pro-choicers should be able to recognize the derangement inherent in Bash’s argument. Bash isn’t suggesting that abortion access is essential because of risks to the mother’s health or because of severe birth defects or because of rape or incest; she’s suggesting that it’s essential in order to stop poor people from having children that will ultimately be a burden on society.

That’s twisted and insane, to say the very least.

This is one of those things that, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t wrap our heads around. Planned Parenthood has notoriously targeted poor and minority communities for eugenic purposes and pro-aborts have celebrated them for it. No doubt Dana Bash is one of those pro-aborts celebrating them for it.

Bash’s position isn’t just pro-abortion; it’s actively pro-death. There’s a powerful element of bloodlust that cannot and should not be ignored.

Children are not parasites; they’re people. Their lives have value and meaning.

And we need less CNN.