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Elon Musk appears to conflate AR-15s with 'assault rifles' (and suggests 'limiting sales of assault weapons to people in special circumstances'?)

Yesterday, many gun control activists noted that Elon Musk had been conspicuously silent on gun violence following the deadly mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.


Musk did, however, tweet this:

That tweet prompted A.J. Delgado — who notably contended yesterday that the Second Amendment is effectively obsolete these days because the government could “flatten 5,000 Texans with AR-15’s (sic) in a heartbeat” — to press Musk again to comment publicly on AR-15s and gun control:

For what it’s worth, Musk decided to oblige her:


Understandably, Musk is getting some pushback from Second Amendment proponents.


AR-15s are all too often conflated with “assault rifles.”

They’re knocking him because he said “assault rifle” when he was asked to comment on AR-15s.

Musk needs to understand the difference.


It seems like Musk could definitely use some help when it comes to understanding the gun issue:

More from CNBC:


He said in emails to CNBC on Wednesday that he supports “tight background checks” for all gun sales and limiting sales of assault weapons to people in special circumstances, like gun range owners, or people who live in a “high risk location, like gang warfare.”

“I strongly believe that the right to bear arms is an important safeguard against potential tyranny of government. Historically, maintaining their power over the people is why those in power did not allow public ownership of guns,” Musk said in an email to CNBC.

Regarding the first part, we’re not exactly sure how that would work.

As far as the second part goes, it’s encouraging to see that he appears to understand the value of the Second Amendment. But he needs to understand AR-15s, too.

Musk has fiercely defended the First Amendment, but the Second Amendment is as vital as the First.

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