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Chuck Schumer baselessly claims 'fire marshals and tactical experts totally and vehemently disagree' with Ted Cruz about single points of entry

GOP Sen. Ted Cruz has been taking a beating from gun control advocates thanks to his suggestion that unlocked back doors at schools could make it easier for would-be mass shooters to get in and that single points of entry might be one possible means to help prevent future school shootings.


It’s one thing for loudmouthed liberal activists like Molly Jong-Fast to rage at Cruz for being right, but we’d like to be able to say that we expect the people who are actually in charge of creating policies are more immune to getting swept up in kneejerk partisan shrieking. We’d like to be able to say that, but we know better.

And that’s thanks in no small part to politicians like Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, who claims to have it on the authority of “fire marshals and tactical experts” that Ted Cruz’s proposals wouldn’t work and would, in fact, make everything infinitely worse:

In Chuck Schumer’s mind, “Let’s debate” is just a polite way of saying “Shut up, Ted Cruz, I’m not doing to discuss this with you.”


Well, we’re not politicians, so we don’t have to try to say things politely. We can just come right out and say that Chuck Schumer is a liar who doesn’t give a damn about solving the school shooting problem.

Hard to hear anything when you’ve got your fingers jammed into your earholes while you shout nonsense at the top of your lungs.

Chuck Schumer is definitely not to be trusted.


When can we expect Chuck Schumer to propose unlocking all the doors in congressional buildings?

And Chuck Schumer would be blaming Republicans for that, too. Because at his heart, he’s a dedicated partisan.

Because that’s all he cares about: weaponizing violence and tragic deaths against his political enemies. As far as Chuck Schumer is concerned, the Uvalde shooting victims are more valuable to him as political weapons than they ever were as human beings.



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