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Blue-checked prog journo's tweet about Uvalde parents risking detention in ICE 'concentration camps' is very popular — and a damnable lie

A few days ago, blue-checked liberal journalist Eoin Higgins tweeted out the inside scoop on Ricky Gervais’ new “virulently transphobic” Netflix comedy special:


Higgins never revealed his source for that scoop, but apparently he’s got inside sources in quite a few places, including in Uvalde, Texas, where an 18-year-old gunman murdered innocent children and teachers at Robb Elementary School.

See, somehow, Higgins learned that parents of Robb Elementary Students would potentially be subjected to “detention in U.S. concentration camps while checking if their kid is alive”:

More like sh*thole journalist.

It’s not just a lie, but it’s a blatantly obvious one. And yet it remains available for all to see and like and retweet.

It’s not unusual for Eoin Higgins and his ilk to create and peddle baseless rumors in order to score the very cheapest of political points.


Eoin Higgins is the worst kind of journalist: he’s a shameless partisan activist who pretends to be a journalist.

Anyone who would rush to politicize a mass shooting instead of mourning the loss of life deserves to be run out on a rail. It’s nothing short of soulless.

And perfectly acceptable according to the Twitter Truth Police.

Of course not.



Blue-checked prog journo (and self-proclaimed ‘historian’) marks D-Day with some hardcore WWII revisionism


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