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Julia Ioffe promotes garbage, hole-ridden ADL 'report' suggesting that 'extremist-related murders' are overwhelmingly committed by right-wingers

Puck News journalist — and GQ alumna — Julia Ioffe has a real knack for spotting right-wing extremism. She’s so good at it, in fact, that she sees it everywhere.


So you can imagine how vindicated she felt when she saw the Anti-Defamation League’s report on “Murder and Extremism in the United States in 2021” that they put out a few months ago. According to the ADL, which definitely hasn’t turned into a highly partisan left-wing organization over the past decade or two, an overwhelming percentage of extremist-related murders in 2021 were committed by right-wing extremists:

Oh. Well. 75% vs. 4%. Guess that settles it! Period. End of discussion. No reason whatsoever to question the ADL’s methodology (or Ioffe’s belief in its soundness).

We’re being facetious, of course. We’re basically out here on a little dinghy in a veritable sea of blood-red flags.

Because even if you’re not a stats aficionado, it should become immediately clear as soon as you start skimming the ADL’s report that their conclusions literally don’t make sense.


Neat trick, that.

No, they actually do:

Moreover, adherents of some far-right extremist movements engage not only in ideological violence (defined narrowly for the purposes of this report as attacking perceived enemies, as well as others who may get in the way of such attacks), but also other forms of deadly violence.  Extremists often engage in violence related to their group or movement that may not involve attacking an enemy. For example, extremists sometimes murder suspected informants in their own ranks; they may also kill rival members of their own group or of another group.

Additionally, members of some extremist groups—particularly those that take the form of gangs—may kill while committing “traditional” crimes, such as those involving illegal drugs. It may also be likely, though it is difficult to definitively prove, that the ideologies or subcultures of certain types of extremists, including white supremacists and toxic masculinity extremists, may play a role in enabling incidents of deadly domestic violence—or other violent acts as well.


So basically, all forms of violence are effectively inherently right-wing, according to the ADL.

And if by some crazy chance the specific act of violence somehow still cannot be explicitly linked to right-wing extremism, well, the ADL just doesn’t feel comfortable getting into ideological motivations:

Shame on Julia Ioffe for promoting the ADL’s BS “report,” and shame on the ADL for ever putting it together in the first place. In the name of fighting racism and bigotry, they’re only adding more fuel to the fires.


They live for that.


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