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House Dem Chair Hakeem Jeffries' meltdown over 'unconscionable' N.Y. redistricting map feels a little ... racist

In case you missed it, yesterday, New York Democrats were dealt a pretty crushing blow with a new draft redistricting map that undid some of their past gerrymandering handiwork:


More from RedState:

A court-ordered map in New York has been adopted, and it’s lights out for Democrats heading into November. While the original Democrat map, which was struck down by the state’s Supreme Court, had a likely outcome of 22 D-seats to 4-R seats, the new map puts as many as 12 seats in play for the GOP.

Republicans were looking at a modest 1-3 seat gain via redistricting after Ron DeSantis worked his magic in Florida (there’s a single district there under dispute, but nothing that can change the game). Now, you could be talking about a 5-8 seat gain just by virtue of the lines that have been drawn across the nation. Democrats who were celebrating a month ago at some earlier court victories have had their hopes of stemming the tide crushed.

One of the things the New York map fixed was an illegal gerrymander in New York City that diluted the voting power of Orthodox Jews, a demographic that leans heavily Republican. That’s left Rep. Jerry Nadler, who would retire if he had any sense given his age and health concerns, in the same district as another Democrat. Elsewhere, Republicans are set up to make headway in what should be a wave year for them.


Needless to say, New York Rep. and House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries is not taking this development well at all:

“Viciously targets.” “Would make Jim Crow blush.” Sure, Hakeem.

And it got old a long time ago. Nevertheless, they persist, and Hakeem Jeffries is nothing if not persistent:

Jeffries is also maybe kinda … well, racist. He sure does love to use racially charged language. He used plenty of it in the statement he issued yesterday.

Here’s some of it:

“The draft map released by a Judicial Overseer in Steuben County and unelected, out-of-town Special Master, both of whom happen to be white men, is part of a vicious national pattern targeting districts represented by members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

The Court blatantly ignores the comprehensive testimony of Brooklyn residents, civic leaders and stakeholders who made clear that the communities of interest that presently constitute the 8th and 9th congressional districts should be kept together, as was the case in maps submitted by good government groups like Common Cause, civil rights groups like the Unity Coalition and even the Independent Redistricting Commission.

This draft map dilutes the Black population in the 8th and 9th congressional districts in a manner wildly inconsistent with the constitutional mandate that communities of color should be put into position to elect the candidate of their choice. The Court, shockingly, uses a sledgehammer to break into pieces the majority Black and historic neighborhood of Bedford Stuyvesant, once represented by the legendary Shirley Chisholm. The legacy Chisholm district was created in 1968 pursuant to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, with the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood at its core. Apparently, the Steuben County Court either doesn’t know this history or doesn’t care, notwithstanding voluminous public testimony.


The “Judicial Overseer” and “Special Master” language is a nice touch, to be sure. But we’re particularly struck by Jeffries rhetoric when it comes to white people trying to infect communities of color with their influence.

We can’t help but feel like we’ve heard that kind of language somewhere before …

Ah, of course!

Almost as if it’s not actually Elise Stefanik who’s pushing “replacement theory” after all.

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