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Tenn. Dem State Rep suggests that Buffalo killer's deadly shooting spree could've been prevented if his public school had taught CRT

If you’re not a Tennessean, you may not be familiar with Democratic State Rep. Gloria Johnson. We can’t remember ever hearing of her ourselves, and that’s a damn shame.


See, “she/her is a self-proclaimed proud “OFA alum” and “public school supporter,” and as such, she’s got plenty of opinions on all the wonderful things Democratic policies have done for our education system. Like, for example, preventing violent racists from opening fire on innocent people in Buffalo:

Beg your pardon, Gloria?

OK, just checking. So your brain really did come up with that and you decided to share it with the world.

If only the killer had been educated in Critical Race Theory at his public school, he never would’ve become a murderous racist!



We’ve seen some messed-up things on Twitter, but man.

Gloria’s take is infinitely hotter than an Arby’s roast beef sandwich.


He wasn’t unknown to the authorities as a potential murderer. Critical Race Theory wasn’t going to be the thing that stopped him from realizing his deadly potential.

If she did take lessons, it was probably in public school.

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