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Joe Biden can't believe Florida's GOP is targeting Disney over the word 'gay', demands to know 'what's going on here?'

Let the record show that President Joe Biden thinks that Florida Republicans are making a huge mistake in going all-in on punishing Disney for throwing their lot in with a relative minority of radical leftist LGBTQ activists.


Maybe Florida Republicans are making a huge mistake. Maybe they’re not. It depends on whom you ask and what sort of mood you’re in, really.

One thing that’s really not up for debate, though, is that Joe Biden isn’t doing himself any favors by wading into the controversy, like he did last night during a Seattle fundraiser:

“What’s going on here?” That is the million-dollar question.

It’s the question we ask ourselves every single time Joe Biden gets trotted out and starts talking.


It’s either that or Joe Biden is just out of his depth and has no idea what he’s talking about.

Or maybe it’s both. The latter is definitely true. In any case, conservatives or Republicans who support the Parental Rights in Education Law aren’t so much hung up on the word “gay” as they are hung up on the idea that the law’s most vocal opponents want teachers to be able to talk to students about sexuality and gender identity without any knowledge or input from parents. Actually, the law’s proponents aren’t hung up on the word “gay” at all. In part because “gay” never appeared in the text of the legislation.

It’s not a lie if he believes it?


No one seems to have taken Joe Biden to task over it. Even if they did, he wouldn’t remember.

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