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WaPo's Megan McArdle says woman behind Libs of Tik Tok getting doxxed isn't really a big deal because she's just an Orthodox Jew

Some of you weirdos out there seem pretty concerned for the welfare of the woman behind the popular Libs of Tik Tok Twitter account. But there’s really no need to be worried about her! Because, as Taylor Lorenz’s Washington Post colleague Megan McArdle points out, the woman is an Orthodox Jew:


She’s just an Orthodox Jew. And you know how those Orthodox Jews are.

We went ahead and grabbed that screenshot, just in case Megan comes to her senses and deletes the tweet. But it’s important to note that at this point, it’s too late for Megan to walk this back. It’s out there, for all the world to see. And we’re going to do what we can to make sure all the world sees it. People need to know what casual antisemitism looks like.

Because that’s exactly what Megan’s tweet is.


What was the purpose of Taylor Lorenz highlighting Libs of Tik Tok’s Orthodox Judaism if not to add fuel to antisemitic flames? And what is the purpose of Megan McArdle’s tweet if not to downplay the effort?

Remember when Megan McArdle wasn’t a kneejerk defender of journalistic malpractice and garbage people? We do. But with each passing day, it gets more and more difficult.

Megan would probably have said that Blum was asking for it anyway.


Give Megan some credit: we believe that she’s well aware of the increase in antisemitic crimes over the past several years. We just also believe that she doesn’t care.

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