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The Putin Card is played out: Damning compilation has Joe Biden and his administration dead to rights on inflation [video]

Not that you could’ve missed it, because you have eyes and have to pay for things … but in case you missed it, the U.S. continues to shatter inflation records under Joe Biden’s steady leadership.


The only thing getting built back under Joe Biden is inflation.

Do we hear 11%? 12%? 20%? We’re sure Biden will get us there soon enough.

And when he does, we can be sure that he’ll find a way to blame Vladimir Putin for it. Because once the administration realized that they couldn’t blame COVID anymore, they were in search of a new scapegoat. And when Putin decided to invade Ukraine, the scapegoat just fell into their lap. They’re going to milk Putin for every last drop they can get. And they’re going to expect us to just swallow all of it.


Good luck selling it to voters who don’t have amnesia, anyway. Here’s a fantastic — and absolutely damning — video that has Joe Biden and his horrible administration dead to rights on inflation:

Well, we’ve got some bad news for the Biden administration: we aren’t going to forget.

They knew what exactly they were doing. What they didn’t count on was that we would know, too.



Joe Biden’s senior adviser at National Economics Council says GOP Sen. Rick Scott is ‘fully in lockstep’ with Putin for blaming Biden for inflation

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