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Loving mother is fiercely proud that her toddler 'will grow up knowing' the value of abortion, thanks to pro-abort picture book [pic]

We’ve seen some pretty sick stuff from abortion advocates, but one of the things that turns our stomachs the most is when they get their kids involved. The irony of wanting to raise little abortion advocates is seriously lost on these people. A lot of things are seriously lost on these people. Because these people are seriously lost.


For one particularly egregious example, let’s look at this tweet from April 4 (we had to get a screenshot, because the tweeter has since locked her account. You’ll understand why she made that decision when you see the tweet.):

According to the Twitter bio of author Carly Manes, “What’s an Abortion, Anyway?” is “a gender inclusive and medically accurate picture book about abortion care for little ones 8+”:

Hannah’s little boy doesn’t look 8+, for one thing. We also have serious doubts that the illustrations are “medically accurate.” Granted, we haven’t read the book ourselves, but “a medically accurate picture book about abortion care” would have to show things like unborn babies being dismembered and sucked out of the uterus through a vacuum. Most pro-abort adults can’t even stand to look at medically accurate footage of abortions. So yeah.

This is effed up on several levels.


Seriously, though, what the hell?

That’s what we’d like to know.

This is the kind of toxic garbage that Bethany Mandel is talking about when she explains the tremendous need for “right-wing children’s entertainment.”

And, God willing, Hannah’s child will meet someone someday who can undo all the psychological damage she’s inflicting upon him.

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