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Looks like the media memo has officially gone out on conservative critics of teaching young kids about sexuality and gender identity

Call us crazy, but it’s starting to feel like the mainstream and liberal media are banding together to paint Ron DeSantis and Republicans as the bad guys for taking issue with young children being taught in school about sexuality and gender identity. Do you get that feeling, too?


Because you should:

We suspect that the answer is yes to both. They’re behaving like people who are legit terrified by the prospect of anyone standing in the way of teachers (and any adult who should know better) talking to young children about sexuality issues without any involvement from parents. So what choice do we have but to believe that’s what their problem is?


Who’s inciting “epic meltdowns and moral panics” here, AOC?

As we’ve already pointed out, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a genuine right-wing nutjob. She’s firmly on the lunatic fringe of the GOP. But mainstream Democrats have been using similar language to smear the GOP for years now, and it’s gotten particularly insane since Donald Trump was elected:

How many times did we see defenses of punching or beating up right-wing “Nazis”? And how many times did the MSM call out that sort of language?

Lefties are reaping what they’ve sown, and now they want to get all bent out of shape about it? Please.


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