It’s been a little while, but we still can’t help but marvel at Ketanji Brown Jackson’s “I’m not a biologist” dodge when she was asked what a woman is during her Senate confirmation hearings. Like, she didn’t even try to come up with something resembling an answer.

Apparently Judge Jackson’s response has also been on GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s mind. She recently brought it up in front of what looks to be a pretty intimate audience:

OK, so here’s the thing: boldly proclaiming that women “are the weaker sex” is not a great look. It’s actually pretty sexist, really. And we wouldn’t blame any woman for being insulted by Greene’s remark, because it is, in fact, insulting.

That said, Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s own take on what Greene said is insulting in its own right: insulting to Republicans and critics of radical trans activists, and insulting to our intelligence:

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t speak for the whole GOP. And we hope that for the Democratic Party’s sake, AOC doesn’t speak for the whole Democratic Party. Because she has somehow found a way to make what Greene said look reasonable by comparison.

At the heart of criticism of the radical trans movement isn’t fear that the movement “threatens the GOP’s own definition of a woman as ‘weak, male property.'” Marjorie Taylor Greene is a certified nutjob with a fondness for conspiracy theories, particularly of the antisemitic variety. Many Republicans and conservatives want nothing to do with her and consider her rather fringe-y (we can’t say that about Democrats and liberals’ attitude toward AOC). No, at the heart of criticism of the radical trans movement is the movement’s systematic erasure of women (as well as the insane insistence that young children can be “gender fluid” or nonbinary and that they should be raised according to the Bible of Queer Theory). Trans people do menstruate, but only if they’re biologically women. Biological males can’t menstruate, no matter how hard they try. Biological males can’t get pregnant, either. And it’s AOC and the radical trans movement who are guilty of inciting “epic meltdowns and moral panics” every time someone dares point out that human biology is not a social construct and that women and men are biologically distinct.

In siding with radical trans activists, AOC is siding against women. That may sound like a simplistic characterization of her philosophy, but it’s an accurate characterization. Marjorie  Taylor Greene isn’t doing Republicans any favors, but AOC is arguably even more toxic to the public discourse.

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