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It’s been said that the only constant thing in life is change. And it’s fair to say that that’s true.

But we’d like to add one more thing: Joy Reid being a terrible garbage person. Because no matter what happens, no matter what else happens, Joy Reid will constantly be a terrible garbage person. She literally can’t help but dial everything up to eleventy. Remember this gem from just a few weeks ago?


Ron DeSantis hasn’t demonstrated himself to be any of those things, but Joy Reid isn’t the type of gal to get hung up on the details; she’s the type of gal to find a way to lean even harder into the unhinged partisan nastiness.

Hence, this:

Plenty more where that came from. Behold:


And speaking of being disengaged, how ’bout that Joy Reid, huh? She’s been disengaged from reality for years. And she shows no signs of wanting to re-engage in the near or distant future.


We’ll grant you that Democrats are largely uninspiring and terrible fighters, Joy. Because that’s true. But that’s the best we can do for you, dear. Bless your heart.


“Memes and Theater” should be the name of Joy Reid’s show next time MSNBC promotes her. It’s perfect!

Seriously, don’t be surprised if she gets promoted again.



Joy Reid declares that Florida under iron-fisted fascist Ron DeSantis ‘is basically Gilead with palm trees and bikinis’

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