It looks like the rhetoric around the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill in Florida is beginning to run out of steam. Today, you have your choice of new Gov. Ron DeSantis attacks: first, that he budgeted himself a personal private jet, and second, as NBC News reports, that he’s targeting black-held congressional seats.

Honestly, check out these first two paragraphs by NBC News’ Marc Caputo:

Abortion and immigration restrictions. A new election fraud police force. Limits on classroom discussion and instruction about sexuality, gender and race.

The Florida Legislature has become a front line in the nation’s culture wars, and its regular lawmaking session ends Monday after it provided a springboard for Gov. Ron DeSantis’ November re-election campaign, as well as his White House ambitions.

Caputo writes as if those are bad things. And now DeSantis is targeting congressional seats held by black Democrats, “according to sources familiar with the governor’s thinking.” This is just further proof to MSNBC’s Joy Reid that DeSantis is anti-black as well as anti-everything else.


No kidding. Hey, Twitter Safety … is anyone working today?

There’s your “The ReidOut” viewer right there.


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