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Yikes: Footage from Joe Biden's visit with Barack Obama only strengthens the case that Biden's in way over his head [videos]

Former President Barack Obama landed a starring role at the White House today, where he talked about how awesome Obamacare was and still is (even though it’s an absolute hot mess that made things worse for a lot of Americans, which is not, in fact, “misinformation”).


Of course his old veep and last-minute endorsement for the Democratic nomination Joe Biden was thrilled to have him there. It was like getting the band back together!

And the band is even more out of tune now than they used to be. Seriously, it’s like amateur hour over there:

We’re not sure if Joe Biden knows it’s a joke:

If you’re concerned by what you’ve just witnessed, brace yourselves … because it gets worse.

We’re not exaggerating, by the way. Just watch:

Maybe you think that’s a little weird, but nothing to get too worried about. Fair enough.

How about this?

The weird hand gesture thing is pretty strange, but still not overly concerned?

This ought to do the trick for you:


You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that’s the case.

Our teeth legitimately hurt from cringing so hard.

We can certainly see the humor in the situation. It’s amusing to see POTUS looking like he doesn’t even know why he’s there, because he actually has no business being there.

But it’s difficult for us to be all laughs. “Aimlessly wandering while staring blankly around” is not a great look for anyone, let alone the President of the United States. It’s actually pretty disturbing to think about. If this has you questioning Joe Biden’s presence of mind, congratulations on having a normal reaction to this footage. We’re morbidly curious to know how his handlers would attempt to downplay something like this.

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