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'Super high risk' Kathy Griffin explains why people like her 'need your kids to wear masks,' leaves out how people like her are huge hypocrites [pic]

Late last month, Kathy Griffin was thrilled to announce that she’d received her “4th booster f**kers” (plus a bunch of free COVID tests!). Four boosters is a lotta boosters, especially when you consider that so far, people have only been advised to get a second booster (if they’re a member of a more at-risk group), but hey. This way, she’s extra protected from COVID! She’s basically Superwoman now, medically speaking.


So … why does she need your kids to keep wearing masks around her?

Yeah. What if people like Kathy Griffin need your kids to wear masks even when she’s wearing her masks and kids largely aren’t vectors for COVID?

It’s not even a persuasive, compelling cult. Their hypocrisy is just too brazen:

Well, gee. This is a little awkward, isn’t it?

Care to explain that, Kathy? And no, you can’t excuse it by saying that the people you’re with aren’t kids, or that you know they’re vaccinated and tested negative. You said you’re at “super high risk,” and that means you need to do everything you can to protect yourself. And protect the children, of course. Don’t you care about protecting the children, the way you demand they protect you?


What Kathy Griffin sounds like is the typical self-righteous COVID hypocrite.

We wish her well in her continued recovery from cancer, but when it comes to our kids, she can mind her own business.

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